Delivery & Ordering

  • We use a third-party delivery company in town. We charge you what they charge us.
  • Cost depends on location and can get expensive outside of Collingwood and the immediate vicinity of the Blue Mountains.
  • Not all locations are available. Another option is to let recipients know they have a gift to pick up at our store in Collingwood on a specified date.

Information we need for delivered gifts:

  • ​Your name:
  • Your number:
  • Date of delivery:
  • Recipient's name:
  • Recipient's number:
  • Recipient's address:
  • Price you want to
    spend before tax and delivery:
  • Do you want cheese in the gift or do you prefer
    it to be non-perishable?

Simply copy and paste this form into your email and send it to or fill out the contact form below