Gift Boxes

Give the gift of great food with a Dags & Willow gift box!

We have three sizes of gift boxes: $55, $75 and $100, all plus HST. Each box is filled with an assortment of gourmet products, including crackers, sweets, snacks, chocolates, and specialty cheeses. The box is understated and elegant and is the perfect way to say thank you and thinking of you and congratulations

Note: If the gift will remain unrefrigerated for an extended period following pick-up, we don't put cheeses in the gift. For larger price-point gifts, keep reading below for options.

Please allow at least one days’ notice for all pre-ordered gifts.

For larger corporate orders, more time will be needed.

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*See bottom of page for delivery options

*Items in the images below will change depending on availability

Boxes with Cheese

Non-perishable Boxes



Includes 2 cheeses

No cheeses

Includes 2 cheeses



No cheeses

Includes 3 cheeses



No cheeses

For larger giftsor if you prefer a cellophaned wicker basket handsomely decorated with ribbon, we can do that as well. The price point of these gifts start at $55 and go up as high as you'd like. You just tell us what you want to spend before taxes and we do the rest!

For something unique we can use a spectacular wooden salad bowl as the base. The 16" diameter bowls cost $270 each, and the wrapped gifts start at $315 each, including the cost of the bowl.

Gift giving was never so easy!

Please allow at least one days’ notice for pre-ordered gifts.

705-444-9100 /


We use a third-party delivery company in town. We charge you what they charge us. Cost depends on location and can get expensive outside of Collingwood and the immediate vicinity of the Blue Mountains. Another option is to let recipients know they have a gift to pick up at our store in Collingwood on a specified date.

Information we need for delivered baskets:

Your name:

Your number:

Date of delivery:

Recipient's name:

Recipient's number:

Recipient's address:

Price you want to spend before tax and delivery:

Do you want a gift box or a cellophaned basket: (Boxes tend to be more popular)

Do you want cheese in the gift or do you prefer it to be non-perishable?

SHORT note you want written on a small business card:

Payment information: (Your CC can be called in if preferred, including expiry and security code.)