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Mystery Cheese Samplers

If wine isn't your thing, we also have MYSTERY CHEESE SAMPLERS. Each Mystery Cheese Sampler comes with three cheeses and a box of crackers in a gift bag with tissue paper. Additional items are offered as add-ons, with all details below!

Cheese-Only Sampler:
3 awesome surprise cheeses & a box of crackers - $43.00
Each cheese is labeled with its name and a brief description. Have fun tasting & discover new favourites! 

*Additional Cheeses - $12/selection (based on 150g)
*Additional Boxes of Crackers - $7.00
*Seed to Sausage Dry Cured Sausage - $13.00
*Fruit Compote/Jelly - $7.25
*Pate or Rillette - $6.50
*Small Container of Olives - $4.00
*Small Container of Cipollini Onions - $7.00
*Dags & Willow House Made Dip - $9.75
*Milford Bay Smoked Trout Pate - $9.75
*Sylvie’s Kitchen 100g Chocolate Bar - $10.75 (locally made!)

Please inform of any food or nut allergies or any specific styles of cheese you strongly dislike.



Meat and Cheese

Gift giving was never so easy!

Please allow at least one days’ notice for pre-ordered gifts.

705-444-9100 /


We use a third-party delivery company in town. We charge you what they charge us. Cost depends on location and can get expensive outside of Collingwood and the immediate vicinity of the Blue Mountains. Not all locations are available. Another option is to let recipients know they have a gift to pick up at our store in Collingwood on a specified date.

Information we need for delivered baskets:

Your name:

Your number:

Date of delivery:

Recipient's name:

Recipient's number:

Recipient's address:

Do you want a wine box ($55 + wine + HST) or a cheese sampler in a gift bag ($43 + HST)?

If you want a wine box, which wine would you like to order?

If you want a wine box, do you want any add-ons as seen in the mystery cheese sampler section?

If you want a mystery cheese sampler only, do you want any add-ons?

SHORT note you want written on a small business card:

Payment information: (Your CC can be called in if preferred, including expiry and security code.)

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