Cheese Samplers

Want a fun alternative to choosing your own cheese or need a great gift?

Check out our selection of Mystery Cheese Samplers and Party Packs!

                  Mystery Cheese Samplers

We're offering MYSTERY CHEESE SAMPLERS to add a little surprise to your day. Every week, you can purchase a Dags & Willow Mystery Cheese Sampler as outlined below!

3 awesome surprise cheeses & a box of crackers - $37.00
Each cheese is labeled with its name and a brief description. Have fun tasting & discover new favourites! 

*Additional Cheeses - $10/selection (based on 150g)
*Additional Boxes of Crackers - $7.00
*Seed to Sausage Dry Cured Sausage - $7.95
*Cheese Accompaniment - $6.75
*Pate or Rillette - $5.50
*Small Container of Olives - $4.00
*Small Container of Cipollini Onions - $6.00
*Dags & Willow House Made Dip - $8.00
*Milford Bay Smoked Trout Pate - $8.75
*Sylvie’s Kitchen 100g Chocolate Bar - $9.75 (locally made!)

Add a bottle of wine to your sampler:

  • White wine: Janare 2018 Falanghina del Sannio: Fresh and rounded, this mineral-driven white has an incredibly balanced mouthfeel and beautiful length in the finish. $22.95 each

  • Red wine: Bisci 2015 Rosso Fogliano - ripe blackberry and red fruit on the nose. These flavours persist through the body and finish, carried by supple tannins and a round, bright mouthfeel: $29.95 each

Please inform of any food or nut allergies or any specific styles of cheese you strongly dislike. We're not here to force feed you blue cheese like your mother.




Party Packs

Party Packs are a great way to spread cheese and food love! Order one for yourself and make your loved ones jealous, or order them and drop packs off as gifts.

Party Pack $62.00 each + HST
*Mini pack of local Copper Pot Candied Pecans
*Small bag of addictive Fraktals buttercrunch chocolate
*2 mystery cheeses (if you have preferences, just let us know)
*1 box of crackers
*1 bag of caramel corn

*1 bag of tortilla chips

*1 Dags & Willow dip

*1 Cured sausage from Seed to Sausage

Please inform of any food or nut allergies or any specific styles of cheese you strongly dislike. 


Bring the fun with a Party Pack today!