At Dags & Willow, we pride ourselves on our large selection of artisanal cheeses from around the world. ‘Artisanal’ refers to handmade cheeses crafted by small, independent cheese makers using traditional methods. We offer cheeses from around the globe: the United States, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and England, just to name a few. For foods made closer to home, our range of local Ontario cheeses, as well as a number of gems from Quebec, PEI, Manitoba, and British Columbia, will not disappoint.

A trip to Dags & Willow is an adventure. Tasting is not only allowed, it is encouraged – each visit will expand your cheese knowledge.

If you’re after a more organized cheese tasting, Dags & Willow would love to be a part of your next dinner party or intimate gathering. Through tutored tastings, we discuss what to look for in the taste, texture, and visual appearance of cheeses, as well as the history that makes each cheese unique. Please don’t hesitate to contact Dags & Willow for further information.

Shop. Taste. Learn. Every experience at Dags & Willow is one of a kind.